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APIs explained: A connected future

If you’ve done so much as opened your smartphone today, you have indirectly come in contact with a number of APIs. Opened the Twitter app, shopped online, or checked prices for a flight? By now likely hundreds of unique APIs.  APIs have changed the way we conduct business, and they are here to stay. Over…

How 5G is Transforming Cloud Computing

By now, you are likely at least vaguely aware of cloud computing. Everything is in the cloud. Want to store your pictures from your iPhone so you’ll have them forever? Sync to the cloud. The ability to share a trip itinerary with five of your friends and all edit the document at once? Edit on…

How Low Latency Enables Real-Time Connectivity with 5G

The world is becoming increasingly aware of 5G as it is rolled out across the globe in 2020. As the fifth generation of cellular technology, 5G touts increased speed and connectivity, promising to connect people and devices to each other more than ever before. One of the key components that is consistently quoted regarding the…

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